"Fishers is a vibrant, growing city. I’m running for City Council to make sure that growth is felt by all residents. Reach out to me so I can learn what that means to you!"

Growth For Everyone

My wife and I moved to Fishers because we were drawn by the home town feel. This city has quickly become our home and I’m inspired to make it the best place for all to call their home as well.

I bring my 15 year career in the design field, working with small businesses, to the table. I know what draws people in and makes a lasting impression. I believe our city should be defined by the residents rather than the corporations. I hope you’ll join me in making sure City Hall hears from all residents! 

  • A Downtown You Drive To, Not Through

    We need to re-evaluate the direction, speed, and methods of our development. We have the opportunity to build a town center focused around locally owned businesses and the community that loves them. We don’t have to lose what we had to gain all that has been promised.

  • A City Hall That Engages More With Residents

    Fishers is great at communicating its achievements but leaves the community out of the conversation from the start. Residents should be included at every step of large changes to our city. New projects and ordinances should be presented as a jumping off point for conversation rather then a done deal.

  • A City That Makes All Feel Welcome

    We need to become a more inclusive city; one that reaches out to all communities and finds a place front and center for them to participate. We should celebrate the diverse set of beliefs, interests, and backgrounds we all bring to Fishers.

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