Resident Focused Development

Our city has grown and received a lot of attention from developers and large businesses. This is great! Sometimes it’s hard to see past the impressive speed and size of our growth until we start living with it. What I have seen are developments that benefit the developers while leaving the needs and desires of residents behind. We lack many of the amenities that communities of our size typically offer and we are quickly running out of space.

Engaging Residents in the Big Decisions

The City Council should be openly engaging with residents before decisions are made, not after. When I am elected I will work to create new avenues of communication that happen throughout the decision making process. I will ensure attending City Council meetings is productive for residents rather than completely opaque. I will also make sure that appointments to our boards, commissions and committees represent our growing community so that the widest range of ideas may be expressed. I will require appointees to actively engage with the community they represent.

Supporting Our Schools and Educators

Many of us move to Fishers for the great schools. We need to work even harder to support those who are focused on our children’s future. I believe that the City Council should be a partner our school system can rely on for support. It is important that we communicate our appreciation for our teachers and education leaders so that we can continue to attract the most talented. I trust that those with the experience and education needed to teach our kids the skills they need should also be trusted and empowered to deliver those results.

Community & Culture

I want to bring a greater sense of community, culture and belonging to Fishers. Where we live should be also be where we play, where we build memories and where we share experiences. I have lived in many places that have embraced their history and their present to create a culture and sense of place that you can tangibly feel. The city has replaced the old with the new and in many cases has shown that top down planning doesn’t replicate what our community can create when we work together.


A City We Are Proud to Call Home

  • As a community one of the most important investments in our future growth is our reputation.
  • We need to prioritize rebuilding our reputation.
  • People from all walks of life have made Fishers a home but our current reputation puts the focus on a vocal minority.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • The measure of a well run city is not in how little money it spends, but in what that money returns to the taxpayer.
  • The first step to spending your tax dollars wisely is asking permission, even in the details.
  • Using public debt to force private sector growth should always be looked at with suspicion.

Affordable Housing

  • We have very limited space to continue residential development, and demand continues to outpace supply.
  • We need to be very strategic with the remaining development of residential inventory.
  • I will keep an eye towards maximizing availability not profits.

Bolstering Small Business Growth

  • We are losing many of the retail and commercial spaces that new business owners can afford to lease.
  • Many of our existing small business owners in Fishers do not see a place for them with the planned developments.
  • We need to address the extremely poor foot traffic in our shopping districts and work with landlords to fill out spaces with tenants that draw people in.