"Fishers is my home and where I've decided to raise my two kids. I believe a home should have more than great schools, it should be a place to live work and play. I would like to see our leaders focused more on giving the residents a sense of space and community with more destinations, more activities and more fun!"

Growth For Everyone

I am Indiana raised, having grown up in Fort Wayne. After moving around the country, in 2015 I chose to make Fishers the place I would raise my two wonderful children.

I attended the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne with scholarship in their Computer Animation program, with additional coursework through Purdue for business and computer science. In my career I has focused on working with small businesses, startups and others with the creative energy to build things.

I believe that while Fishers is an amazing place to raise a family, there have been many missed opportunities to build a more exciting place to live, work and play. I will bring all of his talents to achieve that goal as he serves on the City Council.


  • Resident Focused Development

    Our city has grown and received a lot of attention from developers and businesses. This is great! Sometimes it’s hard to see past the speed and size of our growth until we start living with it. What I have seen are developments that benefit the developers while leaving the needs and desires of residents behind. We lack many of the amenities communities of our size typically offer and we are quickly running out of space.

  • Engaging Residents in the Big Decisions

    We’ve all experienced it. Big splashy announcements followed by years of changes dictated by developers without engaging with and understanding the needs of residents. The City Council should be openly engaging with residents before decisions are made, not after. When I am elected I will work to create new avenues of communication that happen throughout the decision making process. I will ensure attending City Council meetings is productive for residents rather than completely opaque. 

  • Schools and Community

    Many of us move to Fishers for the great schools. We need to work even harder to support those who are focused on our children’s future. I believe that the City Council should be a partner our school system can rely on for support. But it goes beyond the schools. I want to bring a greater sense of community, culture and belonging to Fishers. Where we live should be also be where we play, where we build memories and where we share experiences.

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