…But Words Will Never Hurt You

I’ve been watching the catastrophe unfold in our library board meetings from afar. Seeing the absolutely horrific implementation of an already horrific idea come to fruition in the most obvious of ways. But I’m not one to take to social media and yell about it, nor am I one to attend meetings which obviously serve no purpose for the public. … Read More

August’s Meeting… Ending On a Positive?

I just got home from tonights city council meeting and boy do I have some thoughts. Most of them unfortunately do not have to do with the substance of the meeting itself. So before I move on to that I want to spend a few words on what we came there to see. Mayor Fadness presented his vision for the … Read More


Fishers Needs Your Help I’m reaching out to you because Fishers needs your help. I’m sure you’re tired of the hyperbole from the hundreds of political emails you receive and I get it. So I will try to keep it brief and to the point. A Worrying Shift… 4 Years ago when I ran for City Council the focus was … Read More